around Munich

Kaffeemanufaktur @ Herrenstraße 19, Moosburg (around MUNICH)

Visiting the outback! Kaffeemanufaktur is not only a nice place to enjoy one of the best cappuccinos but also a cool place to buy chocolate, truffles or coffee accessories. The main speciality there is the home-roasted coffee. They offer self-made cookies and cakes, always changing. A cool place to visit for a quick cappuccino, nothing to chill for longer.


Price: $ (Cappuccino+cake <6,50€)

Comfyness: x/xxxx

Style: xxx/xxxx

View: xxxx/xxxx


KENNEDY Bar Cafe @ Am Rätschenbach 1 – 85435 Erding

KENNEDY Bar in Erding



This time, a little detour around Munich to Erding – Kennedy bar for breakfast. The Kennedy bar is a new bar -cafe mixture which is open every day from Monday to Sunday = everyday. We were sitting outside where they have different sizes tables. Under an umbrella you can really enjoy a Saturday morning! We went for the classical breakfast with egg, cheese (for the others bacon and ham) and a little bit of mustard. It looked gorgeous!! I haven’t had such a nice looking breakfast for a very long time…

Some fresh flower herbs made it even nice, the bread was very tasty but I have to say that it was too much cheese for me. I would have preferred a bit of jam instead, but it was really really good -> 4* breakfast. The classical breakfast included a fresh orange juice and a cappuccino, what I really think is a fair offer and it is hard to find those “menu-sets” for breakfast on the weekends.

If you visit this place, you should check out the restrooms, super nice and really special!

Price: $$ (Cappuccino =2,90€)

Comfyness: xxx/xxxx

Style: xxxx/xxxx

View: xxx/xxxx

Herzogliches Bräustüberl Tegernsee@ Schloßpl. 1, 83684 Tegernsee

This not not a cafe but a really nice place to enjoy coffee and cake. First things first: the quality of coffee is really bad, but the cakes are good. The view cannot be better and this is the most relevant point when visiting Tegernsee. Tegernsee is located on the lake Tegernsee, in the south of Munich. This is a very popular place for visitors from UAE and Asian countries, but also “normal” day-visitor from Munich come to Tegernsee. There are some other possibilities to have coffee but this time, we stopped at the Bräuchstüberl.

As already said, the coffee is bad, but the view top!


Price: $$$ (Cappuccino and cake >6,50€)

Comfyness: xx/xxxx

Style: x/xxxx

View: xxxx/xxxx

Lavazza Cafe @Altstadt Landshut (between Munich and Regensburg)



This time a little far away from Munich – LANDSHUT. Between Regensburg and Munich located, this is a mid-sized city with a lot of charme, nice atmosphere and little cafes. The LAVAZZA is a bigger one, directly located in the heart of Landshut. If you want to drink a cappuccino after shopping, this is the perfect place to chill. Several drinks are served besides coffee, because Lavazza used to be a bar or cafe – nobody knows. The prices are really nice compared to Munich prices and cakes are offered depending on the day and time.


Price: $$ (Cappuccino and cake >5,00€)

Comfyness: xx/xxxx

Style: xx/xxxx