Cafe Sonnenschein@ Gietlstraße 17 Giesing, 81541 München

BEST Marmor cake in town or better said: best MARMOR-cake in TOWN!!! I love having coffee with cake or muffins and ate a lot. But this cake is really, really different: because it ist he best, ever had. I do not know what they did differently but this cake was so fresh, soft and tasty! Also the coffee is nice, the cafe is very small and cosy. You can sit inside and outside and newspapers are offered. There are several cakes to choose from, but I really recommend the Marmor – cake! The coffee is hidden in the Gietlstraße, but close to Silberhornstraße. It is a day-café which means that they regularly close at 5p.m. Nothing for working people but for kids, moms and dads, teachers (I met some there) or everyone who is on vacation. Worth a try, especially because in this area there are not many interesting cafes!

Price: x/xxxx (best Marmor-cake&coffee <6,00€)

Comfyness: xxx/xxxx

Style: xxx/xxxx

View: x/xxxx


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