Caffe Solino @ Falkenstraße 17 München/ Munich


Solino Caffe is directly located on the Falkenstraße, which connects Kolumbusplatz with Mariahilfplatz. The café offers tables and chairs outside and you can sit in the sun from lunch-time to 6pm. This cafe does not only serve coffee or juices (+nice self-made drinks) but also snacks and changing lunch-sets. It is a “day-cafe” and so it is closed after 6:30pm.

Inside it is lovely decorated and parts of the decoration are for sale. The owner puts her focus on nice atmosphere, sweet details and an overall super sweet impression. Coffee is really good, we had a double espresso and a cappuccino. The prices are more than fair!


The only disadvantage is the location: directly at the Falkenstraße. You sit next to parking cars but the noise of the street is omnipresent. If you don’t sit there durign the peak hours of traffic (4pm-7pm) is way better. Nevertheless you have something to look at: Porsches and a lot of other cars are passing by.


Price: $ (Cappuccino =2,60€)

Comfyness: xxx/xxxx

Style: xxxx/xxxx

View: x/xxxx



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