Mahlefitz Rösterei und Cafe München @ Nymphenburger Strasse 51, Munich


This time, after a long break – MAHLEFITZ in Neuhausen!

A uncredibly cool spot close to Mailingerstraße U-Bahn station. They are roasting their coffee beans there themself and you recognize the quality of coffee right away. I had a cappuccino and a strawberry cheesecake which was delicous! The day was very hot and so the not perfectly hot cappuccino didn’t bother me, but this was the only critical point in our whole coffee visit.

The style is very modern, purist and stylisch. When the weather is nice, you can sit outside in some sommer chairs and enjoy the sun. It is no cafe where you take your granny, but for everyone who loves great coffee and atmosphere is perfectly served at the Mahlefitz.

Price: $$$$ (Cappuccino and cake >7,00€)

Comfyness: x/xxxx

Style: xxxx/xxxx


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