TEASPOON coffee and tearoom @ 1st floor, 37 Lý Tự Trọng

A real tearoom! They have lovely mugs and cups there and a really nice menu for coffee and tea. The TEASPOON is located near the Vincom Center and has a nice balcony for the evening or not so hot days. The atmosphere is nice, they have a large table in the middle where a lot of people can sit at, as well as different smaller tables and chairs for 2-5 people. The Teaspoon also serves food, but I haven’t tried it yet. I will definitely come back there, because it looked very delicious. The first time I got my Vietnamese Coffee mit milk and ice not already mixed in one glass. I had to wait until the coffee was ready and then mix it myself. Maybe they want to show that the coffee is absolutely fresh? I really enjoyed it waiting… then the coffee was ready and I mixed everything. The view is nice, too. As you can see on the pictures, you have a lot of light when you are sitting at the windows. If you choose the tables in the center, it can be quite dark 🙂   nice place, prices average.



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