The Workshop Coffee @27 Ngô Đức Kế

A very posh café in the heart of Saigon, very close to the river and the Bitexco tower. The Workshop is a place where you don’t really know in which city you are at the moment! You could be in NYC, Paris or Chicago. As we were enjoying our very special brewed super coffee, we were imaging being in NYC…..

Alone the stairways are interesting and we took the first pictures already there….

At the Workshop you can drink different coffee types, they rost the beans themselves and offer special coffee sorts. The waiter couldn’t really explain us the difference between the coffee types on the menu, that was a big minus in our rating. The atmosphere is great and the coffee very tasty. Although we aren’t French press coffee drinker, we really enjoyed it there.


They don’t offer any desserts, cakes or cookies and the prices are really high. For a French brew, I paid 80.000 which is REALLY a lot. But the atmosphere was so nice that we will definitely come back one day…



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