Caffe Bene @58 Đồng Khởi



The Caffe Bene is originally from South Korea, as you can see on the cups – the wake up is also written in Korean.

Caffe Bene is a big coffee chain, which offers not only very good Italian coffee, but also various desserts. They offer Belgian waffles (I had the one with walnuts and it was really tasty!), as well as typical South-Korean desserts like patbingsu. It is ice cream served with red bean paste and it is available in so many different styles like: strawberry, blueberry, chocolate, orea, cookies and cream and many more. It is quite heavy, so you shouldn’t be alone eating ist 😀 !

The prices are higher than in the independent cafés, like always. Comparable with starbucks from the prices, but the atmosphere is quite different. At the Caffe Bene, there are more tables and is more light compared to the shops of Starbucks. You can’t find any couches at the Caffe Bene, so it is more a place to sit down with your laptop and work, surf or read.


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